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Different and Creative Solutions in International Logistics

Alp Özler offers creative and high-quality solutions to its valued customers, not only within the borders of the country but also in the international shipping sector.

Our Service

We keep our service quality at the maximum level by keeping up with the rapidly changing industry conditions and technological developments.


With years of experience, we are always working to offer you the best by increasing our service quality. From the time we entered the sector until today, we have gained experience in many areas. Our company, which we established in 1990, took important steps in a short time and became one of the leading companies in Turkey. We continue our activities with our knowledge and experience and renewed service quality. Our company, which started its activities as an international and local transportation service, has continued its services by renewing itself in many subjects until today. Our company, which provides transportation services to many points of our country, works with many important brands. In order to increase our service quality, we serve with our experienced employees who give importance to customer satisfaction. We are at your service 24/7 with our team that offers rational solutions to the needs of our customers.

Our Goal is to Provide Practical Solutions to Your Needs

Our company, which closely follows all the needs of the sector, continues its activities with our experienced and practical service team. Our company, which offers different solutions for your transportation needs, has taken many innovations in this regard. It offers various services from heavy freight transportation to project and road transportation. Every industry has different needs and criteria. We offer practical solutions with our team that knows all these very well. Apart from transportation services, we continue to reach our customers with our fleet rental services. In our fleet rental services and transportation services, we regularly maintain all our vehicles and offer our services reliably.

We Continue to Grow Our Service Network

We continue to make our investments without slowing down. Our company, which provides transportation services to the important brands of Turkey and the world, provides services in many areas from heavy transportation, project transportation and road transportation to car rental services. It is our first duty to increase our quality and to take the necessary steps in this direction rationally. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we serve with our employees who offer practical solutions to customer needs. When you want to get reliable service without breaking your budget, you can also benefit from the corporate services of our company. In transportation and car rental services, we regularly maintain our vehicles and offer our services in a way you can trust. For detailed information and communication, you can contact our company and follow our social media accounts.

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