From The President

How quickly time flies… The publication of our magazine, the first publication of our company, is an indication that time has passed by leaving good traces for us. Thank you to everyone who supported us in our march that started at the end of 1981 after 12 years of teaching life and continued until today.

I want to talk about our history; At the end of 1981, I stepped into the transportation sector for the first time in an international shipping company called Çeri. I did my internship in Çeri; This workplace has become a school for me. Later on, Cheri Transport left the sector, together with my partner, we established an international transport company called 'Birlik Tır' and worked together until 1988. Later, we continued our journey by founding the Alper International Transport company. We bought Özler International Transport company in 1990 and laid the most important foundations of Alp Özler Nakliyat.

Today, Alp Özler Nakliyat successfully carries out the transportation of public institutions and organizations, companies belonging to private enterprises, and takes important steps in the name of institutionalization by improving its service network and quality day by day. So; In the Northern Iraq Operation carried out by the proud Turkish Armed Forces of Turkey, 300,000 km of the transportation and logistics activities needed by our army were carried out by us. Being able to do useful work for our country is much more important to us than commercial success.

Alp Özler Transport Chairman of the Board
Dursun Gece